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Begin with a library quote. The library is one of those places that blah blah blah. Boring on the face of it but it tends to attract. Situationsand scenarios that most people would rather not find themselves in. But they do make for a humorous anecdote or two. 'Margaret Gardyloo' is the first story in the 'Ludicrous Librarians' series.

"Margaret Gardyloo was old. Very old. Almost impossibly old – but she was still young enough that she could not yet be considered dead. In fact, she was 87, which is really quite a possible age, yet in this instance it wasn’t necessarily plausible. Margaret had a habit of provoking, and subsequently enraging, most people she stumbled upon, and so it was a cause of constant surprise to all who knew her that she hadn’t yet been strangled. The fact that she was still alive was widely considered an act of spite on her part that had gotten out of hand."

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